• POST rest/addsalesinvoice/

      • Add a sales invoice

This POST method allows you to create a new sales invoice and automatically mutate the invoiced products stock levels based on the invoice line quantities. This method will create an invoice within the ‘Facturatie’ (Invoicing) module of our software.


  • Maximum 50 invoice lines per invoice allowed.
  • If CustomerNumber is used to identify the customer, the number must be greater then zero. A zero value will be interpreted as empty.
  • If CustomerName is used to identify the customer and you have multiple customers with exactly the same name, we will use the first found match.
  • You are required to add at least one invoice line. The invoice line must either contain a parameter ‘ProductNumber’ or ‘ProductEAN’. The value entered in either of those fields must refer to an existing product in your Offective administration.
  • A stock mutation for the selected product will be automatically created.